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Hi, my name is Joon Moon. I am the Rally Captain.

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About Joon Moon:

I am an old engineer and so-called 'entrepreneur'. Basically, my business has been very private 'private' equity concentrating on manufacturing, distribution and services.
      Before I started my business, I worked for DuPont and Celanese to learn how successful big companies do business. I have been married 53 years (to only one woman), have four children and six grandchildren. In the summer we live in Vancouver, WA, USA and in the winter, in Las Vegas.
      I received my BS from MSU and PhD from UC Berkeley in chemical engineering. I have been a past chairman of the  MSU Foundation, and a trustee of UC Berkeley Foundation, representing the School of Chemistry. Also,I have been a trustee of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. I have served as a member of board of trustee for many private and public companies.
      I have traveled 'extensively' throughout the world but  not  in the Middle east, India and most of Africa. I am more  a site 'doer' rather than site 'see-er'.  I have traveled many times in Russia and have always enjoyed being there. I like Russian culture and I think it has contributed to human cultural heritage. Their writing, music, ballet, and science made being-a-human to be more interesting. However, I always wonder why Russia could not have been the leading country of the world. We always talk about Brazil having great unrealized future and Russia could have had great unrealized past (if this makes any sense). I traveled to Homer, Alaska (most western) to Cape Fear, Canada(most eastern north America) and this trip would cover most western to most Eastern Russia).
     The  reason I would like to do this great bus trip is that I think I would enjoy the trip and cherish the experience.  It would be something to remember for a long time.  On the other hand (I always evaluate the other possibilities), if I do not go, I don't  have any better offers such as , I will surely win a super lotto or have six dancing girls entertaining me for 30 days. I also gets bored with pre-planned trip by commercially oriented tour people--not the most intelligent or well educated people-- and not want to be one of the old guys coming out of tour bus with other old people.
     I am looking forward to traveling this uncharted trip with you(invitation only---pre qualified) and we will have something to talk about in the future. 

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