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Hi, my name is Gregory Temkin. I am the Rally Coordinator.

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About Gregory Temkin:

I come from Moscow, Russia. I have traveled all over the former Soviet Union by all imaginable means as a fisherman, as an interpreter, as a writer...

In the late 80-ies and 90-ies when the Perestroika made it possible, I put together and coordinated many major cross-cultural events including but not limited to: 
- American-Russian Peace Walks in Northern Russia and United States;
- Transatlantic Sail “We are all in the Same Boat”;
- International ecological expedition "Danube - Lena";
- Ecological Sailing Cruise in the White Sea (Polar Ocean) etc. 

In 1989, hosting US travel tycoons, I made an acquaintance of Dr. Joon Moon, and since then we have had a continuous string of adventures that you may hear about on this trip.

Since 1997, I've been living in Westchester County, NY with my wife. Our two daughters are already "out of the nest". I run a regulatory compliance company "Russian Standard"; I love fishing; I enjoy sharing food and drinks with friends; I know a lot of Russian jokes but most of them are lost on Americans; I do Aikido and travel as often as I can. 

I look forward to putting this maiden Rally together and safely navigating you all across the 12 hour zones of the Russian Federation.

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